1:1 Life Coaching

I coach young adults searching for their purpose and navigating through life transitions.

Some of the type of clients I work with

  • Young professionals who are searching for fulfillment in their career
  • People trying to balance school, work, and family
  • Stressed-out, burnt-out overachievers
  • People-pleasers who struggle with saying “no”
  • Students who are unsure if they are making the correct major of study decisions
  • Those who want to live a healthier lifestyle

Gain Clarity

What does your life look like now, and how do you envision your dream life? Are you living out your values? We will explore what is important in your life and why.

Set Goals

You will set goals that move you towards the life you envision for yourself. I will steadfastly hold you to your goals, and support every step you make.


You will see your self-confidence grow as you take control of your decisions, thought processes, and behaviors. Together, we can reach your goals.

Working with Suzi has been magnificent. She has been very knowledgeable and continues to pose questions and thoughts to me that I never would have thought of before. I have always been overweight and have never felt “skinny” enough. The practices and meetings with her have really changed how I view weight loss and have made my weight loss journey manageable and achievable. I am grateful to Suzi for her wisdom, advice, and inspiration.

Sam, 29, Chicago


Where will we meet? First, we will schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery phone call. All consecutive appointments will be 60-minute phone calls.

How often should I have a life-coaching session? Everybody’s needs are different. We will work out what is best for you. I have worked with people who love the accountability every week. For others, every other week is the perfect cadence. We can ebb and flow your appointments as you see fit. Everybody works at their own pace. For some, it will take awhile to dig deeper into themselves to make changes. For others, they hit the ground running and implement changes quickly.

How long will it take me to reach my goals? Everybody works at the their own pace. Some people hit the ground running, take their first steps towards their goals, and never look back. Other people need a longer time. Both ways work! We are each individuals with our own unique needs and circumstances. What your heart needs is for you to listen to it and work at the pace that feels right.

Will I need to complete tasks in-between appointments? Depending on your needs, there may be homework that I ask you to complete to help move you towards reaching your goals.

What is life coaching? Life coaching is a forward-thinking, heart-centered process. I will help you to sort through your goals, values, and skills to gain clarity on what you want your life to look like. We will use that strategy in any area that you want to work on: relationships, career, life transitions, weight loss, or simply just living a happier life. I will help you overcome barriers that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. We will only revisit the past when it feels appropriate.

Ready to chat? Book your complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

Our 30-minute discovery calls gives us a chance to get to know each other! We will discuss your goals and what life coaching is. I can address any questions that you have. This is a no-pressure call, as I want whatever you feel is best for you.