Hello! I am Suzi, a certified life coach, teacher, trainer, and advisor who has helped hundreds of young adults navigate the stresses and pressures of life. 

I became a life coach because I have a passion for encouraging and supporting others as they work towards reaching their goals. I have spent much of my career actively listening to others’ needs and helping them think through how they can best meet their own needs and solve their own problems through empowerment and advocacy. After all, I believe that you are fully capable, resourceful, and powerful. You know that friend/colleague/loved-one who you go to for advice? Or to be a sound-board? That’s me! I am that person in both my professional and personal life. 

I have discovered that the “it” factor in seeking what you want is turning inward to listen to your heart and acting according to what your heart is saying. When you start to take those steps, the world will open up to you. This process can be hard but I want to be there with you along the way. I will hold you accountable (in a positive way!) so that you can continue to progress towards your goals. 

I too am a work in progress (we all are!) and I find joy and accomplishment in changing my own habits and reaching goals that I set for myself. From setting healthier eating goals to improving my self-care routine to having difficult conversations with loved ones and everywhere in between, I set goals and break it down into manageable parts to give myself the best chance of success. 

I hope that I get the opportunity to help you reach your goals. You have the power within you, and I will help you discover that. 



My professional background is in Higher Education. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Higher Education. I have many years of experience advising college students and supporting them along their journeys through school. These experiences have prepared me well to support college-aged and young professionals who are navigating their young adult lives. I am deeply empathetic and operate from a strengths-based perspective. I believe everyone, including you, when empowered, have the ability to achieve what you want in life. 

You Can usually find me
Reading. I am a frequent visitor of the Chicago Public Library, and I want to have a Little Free Library one day.
Trying different pizza restaurants. It’s my family’s go-to meal.
Snuggling my dog, Violet.
Making memories with my family. I have 3 nieces and 5 nephews and another little one on the way.
Exercising to train for different races.